Insights from the 2H-2023 Reppy Awards: Top Overall

RepVue Editorial Team
RepVue Editorial TeamOct 18, 2023

This week, we announced the winners of the 2H-2023 Reppy Awards. Twice a year, we take a snapshot of the ratings provided by our community of over 110K B2B salespeople in order to recognize the world’s very best sales organizations. 

We give Reppy Awards for the Top Overall sales orgs — as well as for specific rating categories that are tracked on RepVue, such as product-market fit, incentive comp, diversity and inclusion, and more.

See all the Reppy Award winners here

These orgs stand out for their commitment to helping salespeople reach their highest potential for success in their careers. The winners of the Reppy Award for Top Overall sales org are Carolina Handling, MaintainX, Triple Whale, UserGems, Consensus,, Tropic, Beanworks, Spring Health, Recharge Payments, Drata, Auth0, Postman, Groove, Kluster, StackAdapt, CHEQ, Google, Sprout Social, and Suzy.

Trends and Insights

It can be interesting to use this as an opportunity to dive deeper into what makes a top-rated sales org. After announcing the winners and digging into the data, we found two specific trends among the winners of the Reppy Awards for Top Overall Sales Orgs:

  • The 20 Top Overall orgs were all Top-20 orgs in other categories
  • Quota attainment for all the Top-20 orgs was higher than current averages

Let’s dive into these a little bit and talk about what we saw and what it means.

The best sales orgs tend to rank highly in several categories

Perhaps it seems obvious that the Top Overall sales organizations would also rank highly across other categories, and that’s probably true. But what’s interesting here is just how many other Reppy categories the Top Overall orgs ranked highly for:

  • 70% of the Top Overall orgs were also Top-20 orgs in 4 or more categories;
  • 55% were also Top-20 orgs in 6 or more categories; and
  • 25% were Top-20 orgs in 8 or 9 categories!

Even if you exclude awards for metro areas, company size, and funding type, 60% of the Top Overall orgs were also Top-20 orgs in two or more main categories (incentive compensation, inbound lead / opportunity flow, culture & leadership, professional development, diversity & inclusion, and product-market fit).

The three most common categories

Three categories were the most commonly won among the overall winners: 

  • Incentive compensation
  • Inbound lead/opportunity flow
  • Culture and leadership

Ten companies among the top-20 overall were recognized in each of these categories. Four companies were recognized for all three, including the Top Overall company, Carolina Handling. From these results, we can conclude that incentive compensation alone is not enough to be a top sales org. Rather, it’s the balance between how sellers rate these categories that determines the best orgs to work for.

Other findings 

Some additional points of interest regarding the top-20 overall orgs’ performance in other categories included: 

  • Nine different orgs among the top overall were also recognized for professional development.
  • Product-market fit was the least common category for the top-20 overall companies, with only five companies among the top overall being recognized.

The best sales orgs have higher than average quota attainment

Over the last year, account executives have reported a 14% drop in quota attainment on RepVue. At the end of Q2-23, quota attainment for AEs was 39.3%. 

But quota attainment numbers were a different story for the top overall Reppy Award winners.

As of October 2023: 

  • All had higher than 40% company-wide average quota attainment
  • 16 orgs had over 50% quota attainment
  • More than half of these companies had greater than 60% quota attainment 
  • 4 companies had +70% quota attainment — putting them in the top 5% of all orgs.

It’s no coincidence that sellers rate these orgs so highly. They’re all organizations where good sales professionals can and do hit their numbers consistently.

By the numbers

Beyond the two insights above, we also found a number of less significant but interesting trends among the Top Overall organizations:

  • 55% of the Top Overall orgs are hiring for sales positions (as of Oct. 18, 2023), including some on RepVue.
  • 65% of the Top Overall orgs are in the software industry
  • 177 companies were recognized across all Reppy Award categories
  • MaintainX and UserGems tied for most Reppy Awards for 2H-2023 (9 each)
  • 58% (102 out of 177) of 2H 2023 Reppy Award Winners did not win a Reppy Award last cycle (1H 2023)
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