Find a Sales Job Via RepVue and Get Paid $500

repvueJun 17, 2020

We’re excited to announce a new initiative on RepVue designed to connect users with sales jobs at some of the best b2b sales organizations in the world.

Not only will we be highlighting sales jobs directly on our platform, but if you discover a job on our platform and get hired to that job, RepVue is going to pay you $500 after your start date.

That’s right. RepVue will pay you to get hired. Not a $5 Starbucks card (although we love those too). $500.

Background on RepVue Connecting You to Sales Jobs

Ever since we launched this platform in Q4, we’ve received consistent feedback from our users asking if we’re able to connect them with jobs at the companies that they are interested in working for. The companies that they see on our site.

We’ve heard that feedback loud and clear and are excited to announce that we’ve just rolled out a program whereby employers will have the ability to post jobs directly on the RepVue platform.

When you, our users, see these jobs, you can express your interest and we’ll highlight your LinkedIn profile directly to the hiring manager, and if you land that job, RepVue will pay you, the user $500.

How RepVue’s Job Connection Process Works

The mechanics of this are not complicated but it’s important to understand how this works, so you can maximize your potential to land your dream job.

First, you will start to see jobs populate on our site.  Initially the jobs will be on the sales organization detail page (desktop now, mobile too in a couple weeks).  So note that non-users will not be able to access these jobs or apply via RepVue to earn $500 from us when they land the job.

If you see a sales org with jobs highlighted at the top of the page, you’re on the right path.

Identifies a sales org currently hiring for one (or more) roles

Below is a screenshot of a sample job listing that you can actually apply to now for an enterprise sales role for an extremely highly ranked b2b sales organization in the Raleigh-Durham region, One Source Communications.

Where the jobs “live” on our site, initial iteration!

As you can see the jobs are just below the primary analytics and Q/A section.

Inside the job listing on the RepVue site, there are two links.  First on the left is a link that will allow you to simply view the full job description.  This will open a new window as a page off of RepVue. Don’t apply via this link as you would not be eligible for the $500 RepVue bonus.

Make sure to use this link if you’re interested in the role

The other link “Apply via RepVue for $500” is the mechanism for you to indicate to the company’s hiring manager that you’re interested in being considered for the role.  Once you click that link, a pop-up will appear which will ask you to confirm that you are ok with RepVue sharing your LinkedIn profile link and email with the hiring manager. It’s important that you include your LinkedIn profile link to ensure the hiring manager is able to view your background.

Enter your public LinkedIn Profile

Once you submit, the hiring manager will be able to view your LinkedIn profile, and update a status to indicate they are also interested in making this connection.  If you’re a candidate that they’re interested in we will make an introduction and the hiring manager will push you into their candidate hiring funnel.

RepVue will be able to track the status alongside the company and we’re working on allowing you to also have visibility into this too (stay tuned!)

Upon successful offer acceptance, all that’s left is your start date!  Once you start at the organization, we’ll confirm with the hiring manager and then you’ll be eligible for a $500 reward which will be paid in the form of a prepaid gift card.

What’s the catch?

Well, nothing really, but we’ll have to be cognizant of A) if you’re already in that hiring organization’s candidate funnel, we may not be able to confirm that we were the source of you as a candidate, and B) due to tax purposes we can only pay you the $500 once in a calendar year.  Although if you’re accepting the role via an org you found on RepVue, we KNOW that you’ve validated a ton of information about the organization, and attrition is much less likely.

In the coming months look for us to add a number of the best sales jobs in the country to our platform. We’re working hard at it.

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