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Have questions? We're here to help. Here's everything you need to know about our product, your data, and your privacy.

Yes, your RepVue rating is completely anonymous. No individual ratings are ever published on our website. Please refer to our privacy policy for additional questions or concerns.

RepVue will always be free for our users, and it will always be anonymous. We collect and aggregate data related to the health and performance of sales organizations. This data serves our users via this website, and we have two commercial offerings:

  1. We sell to employers who leverage RepVue for recruiting and talent acquisition as well as competitive and compensation benchmarking. Employers do not have access to personal information (unless you apply for a job and engage with a hiring organization) nor can they tie any rating data back to a user. We launched this product in 2021. If you're an employer looking to grow your sales organization, please contact us.
  2. We sell to financial institutions and research firms who leverage RepVue to understand if sales orgs are well run, and how they are trending. This includes hedge funds and private equity firms who are looking for investment research. We launched this product in 2023. Like our employer offering, we never share any personal information. If you're a financial institution looking for investment research, please contact us.

YES. We are constantly adding sales roles for some of the highest ranked and rated orgs on RepVue. Please check out our job board to search and filter through jobs that might be a fit for you. Users are getting hired through RepVue every week.

Sales organizations are constantly changing and evolving. Our users rate their sales organization every 120 days so that the RepVue community has access to the most up-to-date, accurate information possible. You should be rating your current sales organization each time you submit a rating, or roughly every 120 days.

The RepVue scores represent how each sales organization has been rated, relative to it's peers, with each score being amplified (or not) based on how important that category is to sales professionals. For example if a sales organization is performing particularly well AND it's a category that sales professionals care a lot about, that will benefit that sales organization's scores. RepVue sales org scores max out at ~100.

We hope that RepVue will help push sales organizations to evolve for the better. If things have changed, simply enter a new rating - it will help us track the organization over time. If what's important to you has changed you can adjust that at any time in your profile.

To sign up for RepVue you simply need to rate a sales organization where you work. Once you submit your rating you will have completed the registration process. It only takes a ~3 minutes to complete.

Once you add your fourth rating (assuming they are your current organization, not a former organization), have your user profile filled out, and are based in the US, you'll be eligible for one of our super soft RepVue t-shirts. Note that all your ratings must be verified, which means that we've confirmed you worked in the role that you are rating. Trust us, you'll love the RepVue t-shirt.

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