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Reppy Award Winners

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Top Rated London Companies

We’ve awarded these sales organizations for being exceptional companies in London.

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Gatekeeper is a cloud-based contract and supplier management platform that operates on any device, focusing on collaboration and ease of use. With a zero-training mantra, the platform prioritizes usability, ensuring that both internal stakeholders and suppliers can effortlessly use the platform to track obligations and compliance, receive email alerts, and access clear actionable data. This focus on usability and collaboration makes Gatekeeper a key player in advancing careers in the supplier management field.

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iDeals offers a comprehensive Virtual Data Room (VDR) solution that simplifies secure sharing of confidential documents and streamlines corporate deal management, particularly during M&A and similar transactions. Established in 2008, we've built our company on the pillars of service excellence and technological innovation. Trusted by over 1,000,000 users from 175,000 companies globally, we are on a mission to create more prosperity in the world by accelerating high-stake business decisions.

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Saepio Information Security

Security transcends mere technology—it involves best practice policy at its core. Saepio adopts a consultative approach to ensure clients strike the right balance of time and budget across the three pillars of security: Policy, Product, and People. Our accredited team provides guidance on optimal solutions, whether for strategic projects enhancing cyber resilience, addressing specific product needs stemming from a security incident, or deploying skilled manpower to facilitate compliance efforts. Leveraging our knowledge and partnerships, we help clients prioritize and streamline security decisions.

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Introducing SourceWhale, the premier platform for business development and headhunting, designed specifically for recruiters. Our platform equips teams with the tools to enhance engagement, secure more meetings, and boost revenue effectively.

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GPT YuLife is a vibrant and innovative player in the insurtech space, revolutionizing the traditional life insurance industry with a focus on wellbeing and healthy living. Emphasizing a balance between work and life, YuLife fosters a dynamic and supportive work environment where creativity and personal growth are encouraged. Employees at YuLife enjoy a culture that blends the excitement of a tech startup with the stability of the insurance sector, offering unique opportunities for career advancement in a field that values technological innovation and personal wellness. This unique combination makes YuLife an ideal workplace for those passionate about blending tech with a positive social impact, offering a chance to be part of a team that's reshaping the future of life insurance.