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Reppy Award Winners

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Top Rated Raleigh-Durham Companies

We’ve awarded these sales organizations for being exceptional companies in Raleigh.

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Element451 is leading the charge in revolutionizing student engagement, marketing, and success using artificial intelligence (AI). Through our three AI-driven packages, we are propelling institutions into a new era of interaction. Our AI chatbots and copilot assistants are breaking ground in hyper-personalized communications, creating transformative engagement experiences. More than just a platform, Element451 opens the door to a future where AI amplifies every interaction, ensuring that every touchpoint in the academic journey resonates deeply.

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Some of the largest commercial, manufacturing and life sciences companies in the world trust JAGGAER with billions of dollars of annual spend. Additionally, JAGGAER is the leading procure-to-pay provider in the higher education and government sectors. JAGGAER eProcurement and strategic sourcing customers across the globe have gained access to the best suppliers, with the best terms, on our scalable, customizable, user-friendly platform. Our SaaS-based, source-to-settle solution provides unparalleled visibility, insights and recommendations to procurement leaders and suppliers. The result is a fluid supply chain driven by powerful spend analysis, comprehensive contract management and efficient accounts payable solutions. Learn how our solutions can power your organization on JAGGAER.COM.

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N-able fuels IT services providers with powerful software solutions to monitor, manage, and secure their customers’ systems, data, and networks. Built on a scalable platform, we offer secure infrastructure and tools to simplify complex ecosystems, as well as resources to navigate evolving IT needs. We help partners excel at every stage of growth, protect their customers, and expand their offerings with an ever-increasing, flexible portfolio of integrations from leading technology providers.

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Percona is globally acknowledged as a premier open source database software, support, and services company. Committed to enhancing the performance of databases and applications, the organization blends expertise with open source software to deliver unparalleled solutions. Collaborating with diverse global brands spanning various industries, Percona offers a cohesive approach to monitoring, managing, securing, and optimizing database environments on any infrastructure.


We work with our clients to apply a proven system in a way that represents our customers through unique and enjoyable interactions. Which, in turn, results in additional sales-qualified-leads. Our mission is to develop skilled sales individuals who represent our customers through unique and enjoyable interactions.