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Reppy Award Winners

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Top Rated Venture Capital Backed Companies

We’ve awarded these sales organizations for being impressive venture capital backed companies. According to sales reps, these companies offer financial stability, growth potential, and cutting-edge solutions, allowing their sales teams to be at the forefront of industry advancements. Companies must have a minimum of 10 ratings to qualify.

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BioRender's Logo

BioRender is an innovative and dynamic company revolutionizing the way scientific visuals are created and shared. As a prospective employee, joining BioRender means becoming part of a team that is passionately committed to empowering scientists and researchers worldwide. With its cutting-edge platform and intuitive design tools, BioRender offers an unrivaled opportunity to contribute to the advancement of scientific communication. The company's vibrant and collaborative work environment fosters creativity and pushes the boundaries of scientific illustration, enabling employees to unleash their full potential. By joining BioRender, you become a catalyst for change, working alongside a diverse group of talented individuals who are united in their dedication to revolutionize the way complex scientific concepts are visualized and understood.

BuildOps's Logo

For modern commercial specialty contractors, BuildOps is the ultimate all-in-one management software, providing a comprehensive solution that streamlines service, project management, and more. With a focus on trade contractors, BuildOps simplifies invoicing, billing, scheduling, estimates, proposals, payments, workflows, custom forms, financial reporting, and other critical functions in one convenient SaaS platform. By utilizing BuildOps, commercial service contractors can boost their profit margins, increase cash flow, and impress customers with ease. Founded in 2018 and backed by world-class institutional investors, including Founders Fund, Next47 (Siemens), and Global Founders Capital, BuildOps is privately held and veteran-owned. Visit to learn more about how this platform can help you take your career to the next level.

CHEQ's Logo

CHEQ is the global leader in Go-to-Market Security, trusted by over 14,000 customers worldwide to protect their marketing, revenue and data operations. With CHEQ, organizations can secure their entire Go-to-Market effort, eliminating bots, fake users, client-side threats, cyber attacks, data contamination and compliance risk.'s Logo

​​Constructor is the only AI product discovery platform designed explicitly for ecommerce retailers. Unlike other product search and discovery platforms, machine learning is in Constructor’s DNA, bringing dynamic personalization to the customer experience. Constructor's cloud-based solutions use natural language processing, machine learning, and collaborative personalization to deliver powerful user experiences across all facets of product discovery—from search to browse, recommendations, collections, and autosuggest.

Cribl's Logo

Cribl makes open observability a reality for today’s tech professionals. The Cribl product suite defies data gravity with radical levels of choice and control. Wherever the data comes from, wherever it needs to go, Cribl delivers the freedom and flexibility to make choices, not compromises. It’s enterprise software that doesn’t suck, enables tech professionals to do what they need to do, and gives them the ability to say “Yes.” With Cribl, companies have the power to control their data, get more out of existing investments, and shape the observability future.

Employment Hero's Logo
Employment Hero

The smarter way to manage people, payroll and productivity. For small and medium businesses with big ambitions. At Employment Hero, we’re an ambitious group of people on a mission to make employment easier and more rewarding for everyone. We like to stay ahead of the curve and provide our team with tools to innovate. We pride ourselves on our inclusive, innovative culture that rewards and recognises our team for great work. Since our inception in 2014, we’ve had enormous growth (we're talking 100% YoY). After taking Australia by storm, we set out to take on the rest of the world, launching internationally in New Zealand, The United Kingdom, Malaysia and Singapore – with many more to come. But our mission doesn't end there. After working with small businesses across the globe, we saw how much employees needed a tool designed to fight the rising cost of living, gain control over their finances, and make work more rewarding. Enter Swag: a world-first employment superapp that redefines the way employees work, save and get paid.

FieldPulse's Logo

If you're looking to streamline your field service business, FieldPulse is an all-in-one application that can help you cut down on administrative tasks and paperwork. With features such as job scheduling, itemized estimates and invoices, and mobile payment processing, FieldPulse can help you improve your team's efficiency and keep them on-track. Additionally, you can manage customer information, track assigned tasks, and keep detailed records of past jobs and invoices. With FieldPulse, you can focus on growing your career while knowing your customers better than ever before.

Finch's Logo

As the world progresses toward standardized, open, and interconnected data systems, the employment infrastructure lags behind, remaining complex, closed, and fragmented. Our mission is to democratize access to the foundational infrastructure of the employment sector, thereby unlocking vital innovations and fostering substantial economic opportunities for both employers and employees.

MaintainX's Logo

MaintainX is the world-leading mobile-first workflow management platform for industrial and frontline workers. We are a modern IoT-enabled cloud-based tool for maintenance, safety, and operations on equipment and facilities. MaintainX helps businesses track reactive and preventive maintenance and control the daily operations, such as safety inspections, quality inspections, and operating checklists—all with a digital audit trail Here's what we digitize and take away from the clipboard: - Safety Procedures - Environmental Checklists - Tooling & Gauge Reporting - Maintenance Procedures - Auditing/Inspection Workflows - Training Checklists We allow plant managers to become more efficient operators by delivering real-time business insights from the field.

Monte Carlo Data's Logo
Monte Carlo Data

Monte Carlo is a data observability platform that ensures your team is the first to know and solve data breaks, reducing data downtime and improving business value. With hundreds of data teams experiencing broken dashboards, poorly trained ML models, and inaccurate analytics, Monte Carlo's end-to-end data observability empowers data teams to focus on what matters most by eliminating time-wasting fire-drills and outdated data governance software. Join the data reliability movement and accelerate the world's adoption of data with Monte Carlo's commitment to making data reliable, customers' lives easier, and working with the broader data community to realize the full potential of data. Aspiring tech professionals looking for a rewarding career in the data industry can consider joining Monte Carlo's mission to reduce data downtime and promote reliable data.

Nooks's Logo

Nooks is an intelligent virtual salesfloor and dialer designed to elevate the performance of SDR and BDR teams, leading to a 2-3x increase in their pipeline. The platform facilitates team training, enhances conversion rates, and multiplies connect rates, all within an engaging and enjoyable environment.'s Logo

Owner is the comprehensive platform designed to streamline the management of a restaurant's digital presence. We empower restaurant owners to regain full control over their establishments on the web. Our product serves as a strategic tool, enabling owners to reclaim authority from large corporations that may compromise customer relationships and impose unfair fees. With Owner, restaurant owners can truly own their digital presence and navigate the online landscape with confidence.

Pigment's Logo

Pigment is dedicated to facilitating business teams in planning, decision-making, and adapting to change. Our mission involves integrating people, data, and processes into an intuitive platform, enabling teams to swiftly construct reliable strategic and operational business plans. With Pigment, businesses can proactively drive growth, respond to changes, and ensure the future resilience of their operations.'s Logo provides instant access to location analytics derived from the foot traffic of millions of consumers, delivering visibility into offline behavior. We shed light into churn, trade areas, untapped audiences, out-of-store behavior, and competitive benchmarking.

Postman's Logo

Postman is the world’s leading API platform. Postman's features simplify each step of building an API and streamline collaboration to help create better APIs—faster. More than 20 million developers and 500,000 organizations across the globe use Postman today.'s Logo

Postscript is a powerful, easy-to-use SMS platform for Shopify stores. Send campaigns, create automations, and drive new revenue with texts, gifs, and more. Postscript customers see more than a 10x ROI with personalized, targeted text messages

Recharge Payments's Logo
Recharge Payments

Seamless subscription commerce: Since 2014, Recharge has helped over 15,000 merchants launch and scale their subscription business. Be it a curated monthly box, recurring necessities or access to exclusive perks, Recharge powers billions of dollars in annual processing for 50 million consumers. Our remote-first team of 500+ is building the future of subscription commerce. Come join us on our mission to turn transactions into relationships.

Shopmonkey's Logo

Shopmonkey offers an all-inclusive, cloud-based auto repair shop management platform, empowering shop owners to optimize their workflows and gain valuable insights into their business. With Shopmonkey, the entire auto repair shop process is modernized, spanning from customer service to parts inventory, and seamless workflow management.

Triple Whale's Logo
Triple Whale

All your data in one easy-to-use dashboard. We’re building the operating system for eCom.

UserGems's Logo

UserGems helps you identify your biggest champions by tracking user job changes and automating everything it takes to turn past contacts into new pipeline. For sales, UserGems delivers warm leads every month that help reps book more calls, find warmer introductions, and close deals faster. For marketing, UserGems provides valuable contact data to reach and convert ICP leads so you can hit your pipeline target sooner.