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Reppy Award Winners

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Top Rated Minneapolis Companies

We’ve awarded these sales organizations for being exceptional companies in Minneapolis.

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Arctic Wolf

The cybersecurity industry has an effectiveness problem. Every year new technologies, vendors, and solutions emerge, and yet despite this constant innovation we continue to see high profile breaches in the headlines. All organizations know they need better security, but the dizzying array of options leave resource-constrained IT and security leaders wondering how to proceed. At Arctic Wolf, our mission is to End Cyber Risk through effective security operations. To achieve this, we believe that organizations must do three key things: 1) Optimize existing IT and security controls 2) Add expertise to establish 24x7 coverage 3) Continually review their cybersecurity posture and implement strategic actions to strengthen it

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Datasite is a leading SaaS provider for the M&A industry, empowering dealmakers around the world with the tools they need to succeed across the entire deal lifecycle. We are the place #wheredealsaremade.

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Jamf, the standard for Apple in the enterprise, extends the legendary Apple experience people love to businesses, schools and government organizations through its software and the 100,000 members of Jamf Nation, the largest community of Apple IT admins in the world. Today, 62,000 global customers entrust Jamf with more than 27 million Apple devices.

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phData has swiftly expanded its proficiency within Snowflake's partner ecosystem. Our primary focus lies in providing data products and platforms utilizing Snowflake and cutting-edge data technologies. Offering end-to-end services, we specialize in architecting, deploying, and supporting machine learning and data analytics on the Snowflake platform. Equipped with best practices, industry experts, and proven data strategies, we ensure that you achieve your business objectives seamlessly.

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SPS Commerce

SPS Commerce is the world’s leading retail network, connecting trading partners around the globe to optimize supply chain operations for all retail partners. We support data-driven partnerships with innovative cloud technology, customer-obsessed service, and accessible experts so our customers can focus on what they do best. To date, more than 105,000 companies in retail, distribution, grocery, and e-commerce have chosen SPS as their retail network. SPS has achieved 85 consecutive quarters of revenue growth and is headquartered in Minneapolis. For additional information, contact SPS at 866-245-8100 or visit