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Best Sales Advice: Gems We Found on Social Media

RepVue Team
RepVue TeamMar 28, 2024

Finding reliable sales advice can be tricky in a world flooded with information. There’s a lot of great sales tips and tricks out there — but there’s a lot more bad advice from questionable sources. 

Sifting through the noise to uncover strategies that truly work can take a lot of time and effort. We know, because we did it for you.

Here’s some of the best sales advice we’ve come across so far on social media.

How to Get a Meeting Scheduled from a Cold Call

McKenah Elizabeth shares one thing you shouldn’t be doing and some things you should. It’s probably an exaggeration that she “never got hung up on,” but the script she shares seems solid anyway.

TikTok / Instagram

Wanna Roll the Dice?

With another great cold calling script, Ronen R. Pessar shares a funny opener that immediately disarms the prospect and leads to a great conversation. You can hear a recording of his call and how it works above.


One More About Cold Calling

We’re big fans of Mike Gallardo. He recently shared ten — 10! — cold call openers on LinkedIn that you should give a try if you haven’t already.


3 Things to Do Before Contacting a Prospect

Five minutes is all it takes to set yourself up for success. James Buckley from says all you need to do is look at their LinkedIn profile picture, their about page, and their current job description. But beyond that, he has some really substantive and interesting tips on how to get a feel for who your prospect is as a person before you call them, and adapt your approach accordingly. Check out the video to see howwhy.


Three “Stupid Simple” Questions to Ask Prospects

They may seem simple, but they can really be effective. Check out these three questions Florin Tatulea recommends to help you with your deals.


Ask Questions About Questions

We love this approach from Matt Firestone. When a customer asks a question about your product or service, ask them back to understand why they’re interested in that feature or use-case. That way you can answer their need instead of their question. Brilliant. ABC(urious).


“I Want to Think It Over…”

Every salesperson has heard this objection before. And it’s hard to overcome because it’s not the real objection. Jeremy Lee Miner shows how to address it.


Advice a Successful SDR Would Want When Starting Out

This was a pretty great post from Chris Ritson: the advice he’d give himself if he was just starting out as an SDR. If you’re starting out as an SDR, this is solid advice from an experienced and successful rep. This is one that we haven’t heard before: ”Demand your boss trains you every week. Their feedback is a cheat code to success.”


5 Things Top Performers Do Consistently

Scott Leese really simplifies the habits of top performers and sticks the landing. Not much more to say here.


Every Inbound Lead Was an Outbound Lead Yesterday

Troy Barter blows our collective minds with this simple realization: an inbound lead that comes in today would’ve been a good outbound lead the day before. He’s got some great advice for finding the outbound leads before they turn inbound.


5 Questions to Spot a Good or Bad Sales Manager

There’s an adage that “People leave managers, not companies.” The opposite is true when you’re looking for a new job, as Reno Perry shares here: “You’re not just choosing a job. You’re also choosing a manager.” Here he shares five questions to help you identify a good manager — or a bad one.


Your Top Three Priorities When Joining a New Org as an AE

Kyle Asay from MongoDB recommends three priorities when AEs join a sales org: organize your territory, learn the buyer personas, and master two or three case study stories that will appeal to those personas. Watch the video to see how.


Things That Are OK in Sales

With the competitive nature of sales, sometimes reps need some perspective and support. So here’s some advice and encouragement from RepVue founder Ryan Walsh. Make your sales career what you want it to be, and don’t get too caught up comparing yourself to other sellers.


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