8 Questions to Keep Your Prospects Talking

Apr 7, 2023

Hey there, folks! Today, we are talking about an essential skill for any salesperson out there – asking the right questions to keep your prospects talking. You know, it’s all about that human connection and understanding your prospects on a deeper level. So, let’s dive in and explore some important sales questions that can help you close those deals and drive that revenue!

1) Tell me about your current situation

First up, we got the classic open-ended question – “Tell me more about your current situation.” This one’s a gem because it lets your prospects open up and share their needs and challenges. It’s like fishing for information, and the more they talk, the more you can reel in those juicy insights to guide your sales pitch. It’s all about active listening.

2) What are your goals and objectives?

This is like setting your sights on the target. By understanding what your prospects want to achieve, you can tailor your pitch to show them how your product or service can help them hit those goals. It’s like showing them the path to success.

3) What challenges or obstacles are you facing?

Then, there’s “What challenges or obstacles are you facing?” This one’s like peeling back the layers of the onion and getting to the heart of the matter. When your prospects share their pain points, you can show them how your offering can be the solution they need. It’s all about empathy and problem-solving.

4) How have you tried to solve this problem in the past?

Now, let’s talk about learning from the past with “How have you tried to solve this problem in the past?” This question is like digging into their history, man. Understanding their past experiences gives you the intel you need to position your product or service as the better option. It’s like showing them how you can break the cycle and provide a more effective solution, dude!

5) What is important to you in a [product/service]?

This one’s like finding their sweet spot. Knowing their priorities and preferences helps you customize your sales pitch to hit all the right notes. It’s like playing their favorite tune and showing them why your offering is the perfect fit.

6)  What is your decision-making process like?

You need to understand the game board. Knowing their criteria, timeline, and key players lets you navigate the sales cycle like a pro. It’s like making the right moves at the right time.

7) What other options are you considering?

And of course, “What other options are you considering?” This question is like checking out the competition. Understanding their alternatives gives you the chance to position your product or service as the top choice. It’s like showing them why you’re the king of the ring, man!

8) What is holding you back from making a decision?

Last but not least, “What is holding you back from making a decision?” This one’s like addressing their concerns head-on. When you know what’s holding them back, you can tackle those obstacles and clear the path to a purchase decision. It’s like removing the roadblocks and sealing the deal.


So there you have it, folks – some important sales questions that can help you keep your prospects talking and close those deals. Remember, it’s all about building that human connection, understanding your prospects’ needs, and showing them how your offering can be the solution they’re looking for. Keep asking those killer questions, and you’ll be crushing it in the sales game! Until next time, stay hungry, my friends!

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