How do you decide between two sales jobs?

Ryan Walsh, CEO and Founder
Ryan Walsh, CEO and FounderJun 30, 2022
Which sales job to choose

Can I actually hit quota there? Do the customers really like the product? Deciding between 2 sales roles can be a very tough decision to make, but be fortunate you are in the position to get to choose. Not many people do. Let’s breakdown an example:

Which company do you choose?

Behind curtain A is a SaaS sales job where you’ll earn $300k in your second full year on an OTE of $140k

Behind curtain B is a SaaS sales job where you’ll earn $110k in your second full year on an OTE of $140k.

The companies are roughly the same size.

They both just raised that round of VC money and got super excited about it on LinkedIn.

Management is telling you pretty much the same thing in the interviews.

The senior leadership looks good at both orgs.

The benefits are good at both jobs.

Both companies are growing.

You’re offered both positions.

Is your ability to access deep insights about the organization important when deciding which curtain to pull back (i.e. which job to take)?

Stop using your “gut” on this.

Territories, lead flow, product-market fit, competition.

Dig in. There’s a lot more below the surface that will determine your success.

How do you get the right information needed to make the best choice for your career?

What if you don’t have a friend that works at these orgs?

Well you are in luck. Below we have the data you need to make an informed decision on which role to take next.

There is a good chance the company you are interested in is on RepVue.

To explore companies go here, and search for the company you are interested in joining. There you will find salary data, product market fit scores, and even see what percentage of the sales team is hitting quota.

Wishing you the best of luck making your decision!

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