Interrupting Prospects During Sales Calls: An Epidemic

Ryan Walsh, CEO and Founder
Ryan Walsh, CEO and FounderApr 11, 2019

Raise your hand if you’ve ever heard a prospect say “Actually, what I was asking was…”. Ok now slowly put your hand down.

It’s so simple, yet it seems to be so difficult for sellers to master. Many sales professionals don’t even realize they are doing it, despite it having such a negative impact on their performance.

Don’t interrupt your prospect when in a meeting or call. Ever.

When a prospect is speaking, many times they are in the process of asking a question, or frequently, several related questions. If you interrupt them at any point during their commentary, you’ve messed up.

You have to let them completely finish their thoughts.

They are likely going to add something of value or at the very least they will tell you why they are asking the question(s) they are asking – which is also exceptionally valuable.

Usually it goes down like this: The prospect starts asking their question. As soon as you start to figure out what question they are asking you jump in, primarily because you are so eager to add value to the prospect. Sometimes you jump after only a couple words, before the actual question is asked. I realize it can be hard not to – mainly because you know the answer and feel like you may come across as knowledgeable – but just hold your tongue.

If you need to jot down a couple notes related to their questions, do it, then calmly circle back to address all their points or questions.

“Ok, great, looks like you asked a couple questions in there. Let me address X first, then I’ll come back and address Y”.

Let’s not let our eagerness to add value backfire and push you down the path of becoming a serial interrupter.

Good luck out there!

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