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Navigating Sales and Culture at Supermetrics: A Conversation with Harrison West, Sales Manager for New Business

RepVue Team
RepVue TeamMar 15, 2024

Harrison West, the Sales Manager for New Business at Supermetrics, joined us to discuss his career journey and insights on selling at Supermetrics. With an interesting background and perspective on sales, West shared his experience of working in tech sales and how he came to join Supermetrics.

Throughout our conversation, West talked about his journey from being an undergrad student at the University of Michigan to becoming a sales manager at Supermetrics. He discussed his passion for tech sales, and how he was constantly looking for sales roles at tech companies. He also shared his experience of being a user of Supermetrics and how it helped him in his sales role.

Key Takeaways

  • Company Culture & Transparency: Learn how Supermetrics fosters a culture of transparency and teamwork, both internally and with clients.
  • Remote Work Dynamics: Discover how the Supermetrics sales team successfully transitioned to remote work and adapted their onboarding process amidst changing work environments.
  • Sales Strategies & Evaluation: Gain insights into Supermetrics’ sales strategies, evaluation process for new hires, and the importance of self-motivation and coachability in sales professionals.

West’s Career Journey: From School to Supermetrics

University of Michigan to Sales

Harrison West attended the University of Michigan and was always interested in working for a tech company. He aspired to work at Google, which had a campus at his university. 

While he was an undergraduate, he was constantly looking for sales roles at tech companies. After graduation, he moved to Georgia and started working as an SDR. He eventually got a marketing job at a marketing agency where he discovered Supermetrics, a tool that helped with report building. 

He received an email from a recruiter at Supermetrics and was interested in the product. He joined the company as an individual contributor on the new business side, doing inbound and outbound sales.

Joining Supermetrics

West found a cool place in this niche market at Supermetrics. He liked the size of the company, which had several hundred employees, and enjoyed the fun environment and cool team. He found that he could talk about the impact that Supermetrics could bring to customers on a personal level, telling stories about the product. 

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West joined Supermetrics as an individual contributor and eventually expressed interest in becoming a people leader. With the help of his manager, he set up a plan and knocked down his goals one by one, eventually becoming the sales manager for new business at Supermetrics.

Supermetrics Insights

Supermetrics is a leading provider of data analytics solutions, empowering marketers and analysts to gather, analyze, and visualize data from various sources seamlessly. With a focus on transparency, innovation, and teamwork, Supermetrics is revolutionizing the way businesses harness data to drive growth and success.

Recruitment to Supermetrics

Supermetrics is a niche market, and it has a unique environment that attracts people who enjoy working in smaller companies. The company has several hundred employees, and it provides a fun and exciting environment for its team members. 

Like West, many sales reps at Supermetrics have the opportunity to continue as individual contributors or growing into leadership roles. Supermetrics has a culture that values growth and development, and it provides opportunities for its employees to advance their careers.

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West’s motivation to become a sales manager was driven by his desire to interact with the internal team more than prospects. He enjoys guiding people through the entire process, from interviews to promotions, and watching them succeed.

Sales Team Dynamics

Building and Leading the Sales Team

West describes his leadership style as focused on guiding his team towards their goals. 

He believes in setting clear expectations and providing the necessary resources to achieve them. West also values the importance of communication and collaboration within the team. He encourages his team members to share their ideas and insights to help improve the overall performance of the team.

Personal Enjoyment in Team Success

West finds personal enjoyment in the success of his team. He enjoys the process of interviewing, onboarding, and guiding his team members towards success. West believes that building a successful team is not just about selling a product, but also about building relationships with customers.

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West’s experience as a former user of Supermetrics has allowed him to share his personal experiences and stories with customers. He believes that telling these stories is more effective than just selling the product. West’s success in building and leading a successful sales team at Supermetrics is a testament to his leadership skills and his passion for sales.

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