10 Eye-Opening Sales Statistics in 2022

RepVue Team
RepVue TeamFeb 8, 2022

📊 Top 10 interesting sales stats we collected from our LinkedIn polls over the last few months 

1) 89% of people think Sales should have more of a say in product decisions. (911 votes)

2) 74% of people say you should not give up after reaching out 5 times to a lead with no answer (822 votes)

3) 39% of people think “hustle culture” is a thing of the past (997 votes)

4) 55% of salespeople said they got into sales because of the money (1,438 votes) 

5) 77% say they follow up with customers and ask for referrals (385 votes)

6) 74% of people say they have sandbagged a deal (1,226 votes)

7) 55% of people think AEs should give out spiffs or comp their SDRs when they close a sourced deal (997 votes) 

8) 60% of people think Product Market Fit is the most important to their success in 2022 (696 votes) 

9) 80% of people think being in sales is a “State of Mind” (551 votes)

10) 85% of people think SDRs should be able to go to President’s Club (1,207 votes)

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