Announcing our $1 million series seed round

Ryan Walsh, CEO and Founder
Ryan Walsh, CEO and FounderJun 29, 2021

Today, I’m excited to share that RepVue, the world’s largest and fastest growing sales organization ratings platform, has secured $1 million in a seed series financing.

The reason we’re most excited about this is because this will enable our team to bring more transparency, more sales organization profiles, more compensation data, more performance data, and more ways for you to ensure a sales organization is a great fit for you.

Before you accept their employment offer.

At RepVue, we’re transforming the way sales professionals evaluate sales organizations and bringing balance to the exchange of information flow during the interview process.

Don’t accept that new sales role without first checking their RepVue profile.

We already have the world’s largest set of socially sourced sales organization ratings.  Detailed data and insights about sales organizations, including rich compensation data, product-market fit scores, lead flow scores, culture scores, percent of team hitting quota, and much more.  This information is then aggregated and delivered back to you via highly consumable, visually appealing profiles of the world’s most well known sales organizations.

We’re not a generic review platform. Or just another job board.

We’re built by sales professionals, for sales professionals.

This funding validates our mission and only makes us want to double down even more to uplevel the sales profession and ensure sales professionals are able to find opportunities where they can succeed and be happy.

If you’re still excited about our mission and want to support what we’re doing, please take 2 minutes to add a rating of any b2b sales org where you’ve sold.  It’s already helped thousands of your peers! Our users typically re-rate their existing sales orgs every four months.

On the employer side they are taking notice of RepVue in a big way to not only attract and acquire new sales talent, but also leverage the insights we’ve collected to up-level their sales org and retain more of the sales team members they already have via talent benchmarking, talent competitor tracking, and real time sales compensation benchmarking.

Read more about our new funding here.

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