This Week in Sales: June 20, 2024

RepVue Team
RepVue TeamJun 20, 2024


How the VP of Sales Mindset Has Changed

2021 VP of sales: We can hit the number, just need 10 more reps.
2024 VP of sales: Hiring 10 more reps would screw everyone over.

Here’s why top VPs are embracing this change even though they’re still expected to hit the same number with less reps:

  • It will be easier to retain top performers.
  • CAC will be better.
  • The business will be more efficient.
  • Each will get more leads.
  • There’s fewer team members to manage.

Also, with a higher ratio of top performers:

  • The lead conversion rate will be better
  • The close rates will also be just a bit better.
  • The average deal size will also be just a bit better.

They will each have a larger book of accounts, which means…

  • They’ll self create more opportunities
  • They’ll be more satisfied with their role overall.
  • More of them will hit quota.
  • The VP of sales will generate MORE bookings.

It’s an interesting thought exercise, but it’s more than that. If you’re a director of sales, VP of sales, or want to be one, you need to know this type of model inside and out.

You need to be able to create it.
You need to be able to explain it.
You need to be able to defend it.

Then when you’re in the seat, hopefully you can pull off what a lot of us in prior VP sales generations couldn’t do too well: Convince the CEO, CFO, and boards not to over-hire sales team members … because that’s kind of how we got here for a lot of orgs.

Check the sheet below and let me know which assumptions of mine you’d challenge and why? A big one is a constant state of inbound demand. If the org can push that up meaningfully, THEN and only then really the org should consider growing headcount.

But demand has been hit too so … as the head of sales, your job might seem harder in this situation. But it just comes with the territory.

— Ryan Walsh, CEO & Founder

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