This Week in Sales: June 27, 2024

RepVue Team
RepVue TeamJun 27, 2024


👉 OTE Isn’t Everything

“I turned down a $220K OTE to stay at my $190K OTE…”

Say what!? $30K per year? That’s a NICE bump — why not take it?

Nope, it may not be a nice bump. It might even cost you a couple steps back in your career:

• With the $190K OTE, they hit quota 3 of the past 4 years.
• With the $190K OTE, they made more than $235K last year.
• With the $190K OTE, they built trust with their manager.

• With the $220K OTE, only 25% of the current reps were hitting.
• With the $220K OTE, they would W2 less than with the $190K OTE.
• With the $220k OTE, the attrition rate was over 40%.

Yes, sales professionals can be motivated by what $ can do for them. Which makes this analysis all the more important.

Always remember, OTE is only a piece of the picture.

— Ryan Walsh, CEO & Founder

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