Best Public Sales Orgs in 2022

RepVue Editorial Team
RepVue Editorial TeamOct 21, 2022

Working for a public company has its pros and cons. There can be pressure from the board and shareholders which can make it stressful, but let’s focus on the positives.

What’s one of the best things about working for a public company? Stock bonuses.

There are a lot of the large public companies that offer great compensation in the form of shares of the company stock when you join that you will be able to sell on the open market. This is a great perk that only public companies can offer you. You will also most likely have great benefits and better training than some of the smaller organizations.

Here is the list of the best public sales organizations as of September 27th, 2022.

Congratulations to the 2H 2022 Reppy winners for the top-rated public companies! 🏆

These are the top 20 rated companies out of thousands of other sales orgs ⤵️

1. Sprout Social, Inc.

2. Atlassian

3. Google

4. ServiceNow

5. Amazon

6. Microsoft

7. CrowdStrike

8. HubSpot

9. Axon

10. Okta

11. ZoomInfo

12. MongoDB

13. Palo Alto Networks

14. Confluent

15. Pure Storage

16. Zscaler

17. Jamf

18. Amplitude


20. Salesforce

Looking to join a public sales org? Be sure to research some of the companies on this list to find which org is right for you.

To see the live, up-to-date version of the top rated public sales orgs, go here.

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