How valuable are salespeople to the overall company?

repvueJun 30, 2022

You are a lot more valuable than you realize. We broke down how much money a company is losing every month a sales rep is not hired. The numbers are pretty staggering. 

How much money does a company lose in potential revenues each month a rep is not hired?

As you can see by the image below, based on these inputs, every month a sales rep is not hired cost the company $160,000 per month. This is why companies are paying thousands of dollars each month in recruiting expenses trying to find people to fill these roles as fast as possible. Let’s dive into the numbers.

Lost revenue every month a sales rep is not hired

Based on the $600,000 quota per rep and factoring in LTV and other factors, the numbers really start to add up. Each month a new sales professional is not brought in, it can cost them a boat load of future earnings, $160,000 per rep, per month. Wow. If you would like to view the spreadsheet, here is the link.

What can you do with this information?

You now know that you are really the ones in the driving seat when you are looking for a new sales role. Don’t be afraid to negotiate on your compensation package, because as stated before, you are a lot more valuable than you probably realized. Take this info and use it to your benefit.

If you would like to compare you salary or compensation packages to see where you stack up currently, you can go to one of these pages based on your sales role:

Sales Salaries based on Role

Enterprise Account Executive Salaries

Mid-Market Salaries

SMB Salaries

SDR / BDR Salaries

We hope this gives you an idea of just how valuable you are to the organization. Remember that! Good luck!

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