RepVue November iPad Giveaway

Ryan Walsh, CEO and Founder
Ryan Walsh, CEO and FounderOct 30, 2019

As RepVue has grown, we’ve seen an increasingly wide variety of sales professionals, with many various backgrounds. One common trait though, is that ALL of our users seem to like SWAG.

So while we’re busy building our RepVue rewards interface, we’ve decided to kick off November by giving away an iPad to one of our early users. It’s not really that hard to enter, here’s the deets of the three ways to enter the drawing:

1. ANY user that has rated at least two companies gets entered automatically. Folks, this is the easiest way to enter – just click here and add another rating.

2. Users get an additional entry for EACH referral (that’s right if you have 84 referrals you get 84 entries – ok if you get 84 referrals we’ll just send you an iPad, ok?)

3. Anyone who tags us in a pic on Facebook or Instagram in their RepVue swaggy t-shirt gets an additional 2 entries. (Wait – how do you get that shirt? Anyone with two ratings, duh).

Stay tuned for updates.

Good luck out there!

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