RepVue Product Roadmap Update March 2020

Ryan Walsh, CEO and Founder
Ryan Walsh, CEO and FounderMar 18, 2020

At RepVue, focusing on what we can control means continuing to push our mission forward. When we come out the other side of the COVID-19 pandemic (which we all will), having transparency in sales organizations will be more important than ever.

As a follow up to our email to users yesterday, here are some of the key RepVue platform and product priorities we’re working on:

Expanding our reach. Over the past few weeks we’ve launched the following orgs: Netsuite,, BMC Software, Concur, Tableau, Salesloft, Outreach (no registration required to view), ZoomInfo, Salesforce, Angie’s List, Pushpay, Zscaler, Hubspot, Docusign, Highspot. We’ve got more coming this month too. THANK YOU to our users who have added data and if you haven’t seen these orgs, check ‘em out.

Sales compensation data. We will allow users to see, by company and role, at which org you’re most likely to hit quota and where your upside is the highest. For example, in an AE role at companyX, 41% of the team is hitting quota, and AEs can top out at 135% of OTE. We expect to start publishing this data live on the site by the end of April.

Regional presence. By the end of this month users will be able to filter sales orgs published in the following regions: Boston, NYC, DC, RDU, Atlanta, Chicago, Austin, Seattle, Denver, Bay Area, LA, London, and Toronto. This list will grow monthly. Soon after we’ll publish “top rated” lists for those regions. All of these regions will have a minimum of 8 to 10 sales orgs.

More advanced analytics on our “compare two sales orgs head to head” functionality, including quota and attrition stats.

A gamification program that will reward users with gift cards for referrals, and eventually other actions. Want a free latte from Starbucks? Want some Amazon purchasing power? Just get a sales colleague to join RepVue. And we’re tracking it already (link is in your user profile).

We’re a small team (with minimal funding), we’re working really hard, and the environment is in turmoil. We appreciate everyone’s support through this time, and on the flip side we’re always available (ryan at repvue dot com) to chat any time should you want or need to.

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