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RepVue Roadmap Update: Sales Salaries Analytics

Ryan Walsh, CEO
Ryan Walsh, CEOMay 7, 2020

COVID-19 has impacted all of us, and RepVue is no exception. We’ve had to reduce our investment in development resources to ensure we have sufficient runway to continue this mission of empowering sales professionals in their careers. With that said we’re still charging forward on some incredible functionality for our users.

Sales Salaries and Compensation Analytics

“Well our commissions are uncapped” – that doesn’t really mean anything if nobody on the team is hitting quota and the top performer on the team only achieved 105% of their OTE. RepVue is going to arm you with that information BEFORE you accept the sales role, so you don’t have to find out the hard way how much you’ll really earn in that sales job.

This functionality is a big one for the sales professional community. As users you know that during the ratings process we’re collecting data about sales salaries and compensation, but you’re not yet seeing that data on the site. Well it’s coming, and we’d love to get your feedback. This will come in waves, but we’re first focusing on the following:

  • Sales salaries and compensation analytics by region
  • Sales salaries and compensation analytics by industry
  • Sales salaries and compensation analytics by company
  • Sales salaries and compensation analytics by role – initially account executive salaries, sales development representative salaries, account manager salaries, and sales manager salaries

In time, we’ll layer in the ability to filter the sales salary and compensation analytics based on company sizes, funding source of companies, and other key filters.

Here’s a screenshot of our initial mock-up of the page below. Note that this would be based on a user selecting the role of Account Executive (or similar) from a salary analytics landing page. The user would then be able to select their location in the dropdown to dynamically update the data on the page. Also note the key elements:

  • For this selection (which could be a region or even a specific sales organization), what are my chances of hitting quota
  • For this selection, what can top performers earn, as a percentage of the on-target-earnings
  • For this selection, what is the base-variable split of the compensation package
RepVue sales salaries and compensation analytics mock-up
Sales Compensation Analytics Mock-Up

Finding the Best Sales Employer in Your Region

We’re continuing to work hard on publishing enough sales organizations to launch additional regions on the regional filter in the coming weeks. We’ve already released nearly 20 regions primarily in the US, including Denver, Austin, Boston, Atlanta, San Francisco, NYC, Chicago, London, Dallas, and others.

A few of the new regions coming soon include:

  • Philadelphia
  • Paris
  • Munich
  • Tokyo
  • Sydney

So if you’re wondering who the best employers are in those regions (for sales professionals) stay tuned! You can find the filter for regions (and other attributes) on the explore companies page.

Sales Job Listings Directly on the RepVue Site

We’re starting to engage directly with employers of some of the greatest sales organizations in the world who are looking for YOU! In the next few months you’ll start to see some job listings directly on the sales organization detail pages.

We’re going to have a big announcement about what this means to you by summer, with a VERY unique business model that both sales professionals AND employers can benefit from. All with the goal of ensuring that sales professionals are finding roles and employers that are the best fit for them for their long term career goals.

More Top Rated Sales Organization Lists

It’s one of our most well trafficked pages for our Raleigh-Durham users, and we’ve recently launched a top 20 best sales organizations list, too. But what if sales professionals were searching for:

  • The best public companies to work for in software
  • The best companies to work for for sales professionals in Phoenix
  • The best IT Services companies to work for in Chicago
  • The best small companies to work for in Atlanta

You’ll start to see more of those types of top sales organization lists showing up on the site too.

We’re grinding hard to ensure that we can survive through this COVID-19 crisis like all of you, so be patient with our release cadence – we WISH we could do more, faster, but regardless we’re working to build all of this for you. Please reach out any time with questions, feedback, or suggestions.

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