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Why do people choose sales as a profession?

Ryan Walsh, CEO and Founder
Ryan Walsh, CEO and FounderJun 30, 2022

Why choose sales as a career path?

This might be a hard question to answer for some. The layman might think to themselves the following:

Sales sucks…

  • Constantly being told no 
  • Countless cold calls where they send you straight to voicemail
  • Countless unopened emails
  • Unrealistic Quotas 

Then why do people still do it?

Because sales only sucks if you make it that way. 

All of the things listed above (besides unrealistic quotas) can be controlled by your mindset, and the BEST salespeople know that.

Being told no is actually a GOOD thing. You get to move on to another opportunity and hopefully learn something.

Yeah you might have a ton of cold calls (at the beginning when you are an SDR or BDR) that come to nothing, but it makes it THAT much better when you do close a deal. 

You need to feel the lows to feel the highs in sales.

To solve the unrealistic quota problem, find teams that are actually hitting quota…

Go here to view the companies with the highest quota attainment 

Oh and they do it for the money. You can make a million plus per year at the right org. Interested in where you can make 7-figures? Go here to view the highest paying sales jobs.


Overall, sales can be a great career path. It’s an amazing way to get your foot in the door in the tech industry. If some other field interests you in the future, like product or marketing, it’s a fairly easy transition because you have been talking with customers and know a lot about the product already.

If you interested in learning more, our friends at HubSpot put together this awesome guide on a career path in sales.

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