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What companies have the highest quota attainment?

RepVue Team
RepVue TeamApr 26, 2022

It’s really hard to scale a sales organization and still keep a high quota attainment percentage. The industry average, as of April 26th, 2022, is 48.3%. How high can it get?

What you see below is as close to perfection as you’ll get when you start to scale a sales organization.

Companies with Highest Quota Attainment

1. Miro – Miro, the popular team collaboration software tops the charts with a whopping 86.2%.

2. Veeva Systems – Coming in 2nd is Veeva Systems with a quota attainment % of 84%.

3. Gusto – Next we have Gusto, the payroll, HR, and benefits software company coming in with 82%.

4. Atlassian – With the 4th best quota attainment % according to our data is Atlassian, the SaaS behemoth from Australia. They have a 79.2% quota attainment percentage according to our data.

Want to know more about Atlassian? Check out our article, Here’s how much the salespeople at Atlassian make

5. Whova –  Last on this list, but certainly not least is Whova. They round off the list with a 78%, still 30% greater than the industry average. Woah. 

Companies with highest quota attainment % – April 2022

No sales org is perfect and if you are looking for perfection, you’re gonna be disappointed. Instead, here are some questions you can ask in your interview to learn more about the sales team’s performance:

— Ask what % of the team you’ll be joining hit quota last year or quarter (and verify with our data)

— Then, ask what their target % is (for example we had 55%, we want to get to 65%)

— Next, and most importantly, ask them what are the top 3 initiatives they have in place to close the gap (in this example from 55% to 65%).

Once you have that information you can make a determination: Do you believe the leadership will execute on those initiatives / do you believe they are realistic / are there other headwinds involved / how transparent was the conversation?

We hope this helps when comparing quota attainment percentages between organizations you are looking at working for.

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