Why is Sales Quota Attainment Dropping?

Ryan Walsh, CEO and Founder
Ryan Walsh, CEO and FounderSep 16, 2019

Hitting quota used to be considered doing your job. Decent reps with a year+ tenure who put in the work should hit quota, and be fairly compensated for that.

Not anymore.

How many companies do you think have half of their sales team hitting quota? Per our data at RepVue only 39% of companies see half of the reps hit quota.

This is a problem, and there are many reasons for it.

One reason is that many growth stage companies as well as the VCs that back them are funneling in too much money and putting too high of a premium on growth, resulting in saturated sales floors with too much quota capacity, in many cases without enough demand to go around.

That causes a snowball effect in that there isn’t enough experienced sales and go-to-market leaders to run these bloated sales teams. The training suffers, the capacity planning is limited and typically off the mark, and attrition skyrockets.

I see a lot of articles with advice of “the sales rep isn’t doing this or that”. This isn’t a rep issue, this is a company issue (sales, c-suite, finance, etc), and companies owe it to their sales organizations to address this issue head on.

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