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Reppy Award Winners

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Top Rated Small Companies

We’ve awarded these sales organizations for being remarkable small-sized companies. According to sales reps, these startups offer agility, innovation, and unique opportunities for their sales professionals to make a significant impact on the company’s growth and success. Companies must have a minimum of 10 ratings to qualify.

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Agorapulse is an innovative and dynamic company that offers a thrilling opportunity for prospective employees to join a cutting-edge team revolutionizing social media management. As a leading provider of social media marketing tools, Agorapulse is committed to empowering businesses, entrepreneurs, and influencers to efficiently manage their online presence, engage with their audiences, and measure their success. The company's vibrant and inclusive work culture fosters collaboration, creativity, and personal growth, making it an ideal environment for ambitious individuals looking to make a meaningful impact in the digital marketing space. With a focus on innovation and customer satisfaction, Agorapulse is the perfect destination for passionate professionals seeking to be part of an inspiring journey towards transforming the way the world connects and communicates through social media.

Beanworks's Logo

Beanworks AP Automation empowers your accounting team by reducing data entry and approval follow-ups, making your accounts payable more cost-effective and less prone to errors. You can strengthen controls with workflows that automatically route purchase orders, invoices, expenses and payments for approval by the right team member at the right time. Instantly find any AP document with a flexible global search and seven years of digital storage.

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BioRender is an innovative and dynamic company revolutionizing the way scientific visuals are created and shared. As a prospective employee, joining BioRender means becoming part of a team that is passionately committed to empowering scientists and researchers worldwide. With its cutting-edge platform and intuitive design tools, BioRender offers an unrivaled opportunity to contribute to the advancement of scientific communication. The company's vibrant and collaborative work environment fosters creativity and pushes the boundaries of scientific illustration, enabling employees to unleash their full potential. By joining BioRender, you become a catalyst for change, working alongside a diverse group of talented individuals who are united in their dedication to revolutionize the way complex scientific concepts are visualized and understood.

Consensus's Logo

Consensus is the first Intelligent Demo Automation platform that scales Presales instantly and helps B2B buyers reach buying group consensus fast. With Consensus, you will deliver a better buying experience with interactive and on-demand demos, and give your SEs and AEs never before available stakeholder insights to engage prospects in more meaningful ways. More than 50% of automated demos on Consensus are viewed the same day in which they’re shared, and 13% are viewed after hours. That means you're engaging customers quickly and in-between meetings. Intra-viral sharing organically uncovers hundreds of net new stakeholders and shows you what those stakeholders care about most.'s Logo

​​Constructor is the only AI product discovery platform designed explicitly for ecommerce retailers. Unlike other product search and discovery platforms, machine learning is in Constructor’s DNA, bringing dynamic personalization to the customer experience. Constructor's cloud-based solutions use natural language processing, machine learning, and collaborative personalization to deliver powerful user experiences across all facets of product discovery—from search to browse, recommendations, collections, and autosuggest.

Flockjay's Logo

We're on a mission to make tech accessible to people from nontraditional backgrounds. We believe that education and access change lives, and every member of the workforce deserves economic opportunity. We invest in our students, train and coach them for free, and only get paid when they get hired. Our company provides training and support for the most in-demand tech jobs, and provides final round interviews for high-paying jobs at top companies. Whether we are developing curriculum for our online sales academy, or providing coaching to our students, people at Flockjay are builders and teachers at heart. We have an experienced team and an incredible network of support from industry leaders, advisors, and investors like Y Combinator. Our team is small and growing - join us and make a meaningful impact. We’re just getting started!

Gatekeeper's Logo

Gatekeeper is a cloud-based contract and supplier management platform that operates on any device, focusing on collaboration and ease of use. With a zero-training mantra, the platform prioritizes usability, ensuring that both internal stakeholders and suppliers can effortlessly use the platform to track obligations and compliance, receive email alerts, and access clear actionable data. This focus on usability and collaboration makes Gatekeeper a key player in advancing careers in the supplier management field.

Groove, a Clari Company's Logo
Groove, a Clari Company

Groove is a sales productivity platform that enables revenue leaders to boost revenue-per-rep across every division of the enterprise. Groove automates administrative tasks and makes Salesforce easy to access and update from everywhere a seller works – in the office, at home, or on the road. Whether it’s creating repeatable playbooks or using AI to synthesize complex data into actionable insights, Groove empowers sellers to operate at peak performance.

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At Kluster, we believe every SaaS and technology business need access to best-in-class revenue reporting and forecasting if they are to realise predictable revenue and change the world. Our award winning platform combines the power of data visualisation, data science, revenue reporting best practices and playbooks, and crucially, the collective knowledge of the revenue leadership community. With dedicated support to help you deploy and action the most relevant and trusted reporting and insights in SaaS and technology today, we'll help you find your reporting confidence.

Lightyear's Logo

Lightyear offers an all-encompassing software solution that enables businesses to streamline their telecom operations, from procurement to renewal, while ensuring neutrality, transparency, and speed. The platform empowers users to configure and manage a wide range of services, including internet, voice, WAN, and data center, with online validation of the best-price quotes. By leveraging this solution, companies can simplify their telecom processes, allowing them to focus on advancing their career objectives instead of getting bogged down in administrative tasks.

Mailshake's Logo

Mailshake is a simple email outreach and sales engagement software. Our 47,000+ users choose Mailshake to generate leads, build relationships, and promote content.Other outreach tools take months to roll out and are complex to train reps with. With Mailshake, you can have a new rep sending campaigns on their first day. -Templates to add to campaigns, including shared team templates. -Shakespeare AI writer for custom new email content. -Easy to use…really, we hear that constantly from customers

MaintainX's Logo

MaintainX is the world-leading mobile-first workflow management platform for industrial and frontline workers. We are a modern IoT-enabled cloud-based tool for maintenance, safety, and operations on equipment and facilities. MaintainX helps businesses track reactive and preventive maintenance and control the daily operations, such as safety inspections, quality inspections, and operating checklists—all with a digital audit trail Here's what we digitize and take away from the clipboard: - Safety Procedures - Environmental Checklists - Tooling & Gauge Reporting - Maintenance Procedures - Auditing/Inspection Workflows - Training Checklists We allow plant managers to become more efficient operators by delivering real-time business insights from the field.

OnLogic's Logo

OnLogic, originally founded in 2003 as Logic Supply, is a leading global manufacturer and provider of industrial PCs tailored for the burgeoning Internet of Things (IoT) edge. Specializing in crafting highly-configurable computers that excel in the world's most demanding settings, the company stands at the forefront of powering innovations in the ever-expanding IoT realm. With a distinctive direct-to-customer approach, OnLogic merges vertical integration, flexible product design, and a robust online platform to deliver custom-built computers that are not only durable but can be ordered and received within days. Serving over 70,000 clients worldwide, they boast offices in the US, Netherlands, Taiwan, and Malaysia. Join a team where builders, makers, and doers converge to transform the improbable into reality.

Rheaply's Logo

Rheaply is a B2B SaaS resource management technology to scale reuse and the circular economy within organizations, helping lower procurement and storage costs and reduce waste.

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ROLLER Software

Are you ready to be part of a team that's all about spreading joy and delight across the globe? At ROLLER, our mission is to create unforgettable moments by developing cutting-edge technology for leisure and attractions enterprises. Join us in crafting exceptional guest experiences through our comprehensive software platform tailored for modern attractions. From enhancing operations and boosting revenue to cultivating customer satisfaction, ROLLER covers it all. Elevate your career as we revolutionize the industry with our innovative product lineup, encompassing Ticketing, Point-of-Sale, Integrated Payments, CRM, Memberships, Gift Cards, Waivers, Self-Serve Kiosks, Cashless Wallets, and beyond.

Stensul's Logo

The Stensul Email Creation Platform™ dramatically reduces email creation time - by up to 90% - so teams can better focus on improving email performance. Stensul makes this possible by streamlining the collaboration process and simplifying email creation for all marketers, so they can create high-performing emails that drive stronger results.

Triple Whale's Logo
Triple Whale

All your data in one easy-to-use dashboard. We’re building the operating system for eCom.

Tropic's Logo

Tropic is a cost-savings platform that automatically finds ways for businesses to reduce and control costs. By combining procurement workflows, supplier management, and benchmark data together in one place, Tropic makes savings opportunities easy to find and act on.

UserGems's Logo

UserGems helps you identify your biggest champions by tracking user job changes and automating everything it takes to turn past contacts into new pipeline. For sales, UserGems delivers warm leads every month that help reps book more calls, find warmer introductions, and close deals faster. For marketing, UserGems provides valuable contact data to reach and convert ICP leads so you can hit your pipeline target sooner.

Wistia's Logo

We're your friendly neighborhood video-software company. We help businesses add their videos to the web, track their performance, and build and engage with their audiences in meaningful ways. Or as we like to say, we're making business more human, one video at a time. To that end, we work hard to bring together people from a wide variety of backgrounds and identities, all with the goal of building more inclusive, more useful, and more impactful products and experiences. Whether you’re a designer, engineer, or sales rep, we know that what you do doesn’t define you. That’s why we foster an environment where everyone is encouraged to bring their unique personalities and skills to the office every single day.