Gartner Sales Organization Profile Analysis

Ryan Walsh, CEO and Founder
Ryan Walsh, CEO and FounderOct 24, 2019

When a RepVue user looks at one of our sales organization profile pages, our goal is to provide an accurate, detailed pulse of the organization, what they’re doing well, where they need to improve, what questions to ask in an interview, and whether or not this would be an organization where our user would be a great, long-term fit.

We’re going to use this blog post as a tutorial and examine one of our published sales organizations, Gartner, and how to quickly understand what’s working, what’s not, and why.

Also note that for the next couple days, we’re allowing non-users to access the Gartner sales organization profile page without registering. Check it out! UPDATE: We’ve put this page back behind registration – take three minutes to submit a rating and access Gartner’s page as well as dozens of others.

Let’s dive in.

First, towards the top of the page, note that this is a very large public company, so a key consideration for how you may fit in. Do you thrive in a structured environment? Looking for the chaos of an early stage start-up?

Second, the percent of sales team members hitting quota is fairly low, at ~35%, and we’ll come back to this shortly.

Third, the attrition rate is listed at around 15%, and remember this is a company attrition rate, so the sales specific attrition rate is likely between 25 and 30%. This high attrition rate and low attainment number are definitely related which you’ll see from the stats.

So on to the core performance stats. In short, Gartner pays well and the team members generally appreciate the comp structure, which is very important. They’re struggling a bit in training, product-market fit, and culture. But the real challenge for Gartner is that the team isn’t getting inbound leads.

Here’s the snippet on comp:

Here’s the snippet on the other stats:

So without a truly innovative market leading product, the lack of an inbound marketing engine means that you’re getting moderate reception on a high volume of cold calls, and minimal support from marketing on inbound leads. This will lead to a higher attrition rate and a lower quota attainment score.

The last thing to consider here is that Gartner is a huge organization with a lot of sales professionals. This is a relatively small sample of data for them, and various divisions and teams will vary (sometimes dramatically) in the quality of the sales organization. We will be rolling out several features to help our users navigate this aspect in the coming months, particularly as we expand beyond some of our initial target markets.

We’ll do another one next month, and please consider taking 3 minutes to submit an anonymous rating of a sales org where you’ve sold and we’ll give you access to all of our published sales organizations.

Good luck out there!

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