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Here is How Much the Salespeople at Atlassian Make

RepVue Editorial Team
RepVue Editorial TeamFeb 28, 2022

Atlassian has become a giant in the SaaS space. They are valued at nearly $77 billion dollars as of the time I am writing this. The Australian company was founded by Mike Cannon-Brookes and Scott Farquhar in 2002, and has now become one of the biggest names in SaaS. ‍

Atlassian employs over 8,000 people worldwide (as of Feb 28th, 2021), many of which have become Atlassian employees through its various number of acquisitions. In fact, Atlassian has acquired a total of 18 companies so far according to Crunchbase. Some of the biggest names include Trello, an easy to use project management tool, and OpsGenie, an alerting and incident response tool. ‍

‍For this article, we’ve decided to looks at the following metrics: base pay, OTE (on-target earnings), quota attainment (the percentage of sales team hitting quota), average deal size, and how much the top earners are expected to make (according to 19 sales reps from that organization). ‍

Here are the numbers: ‍

Enterprise – Account Executives

The highest tier in terms of comp is Enterprise. Enterprise AEs have the highest OTE, at $179,000 with a base of $118,200. Average deal size is $81,428 and 77% of reps are hitting quota. The top enterprise earner at Atlassian can expect to earn $317,000

What does their base / variable split look like? Something like this:

65% Base / 35% Variable 


The first thing that stands out is the number of salespeople that are hitting quota. 77% of reps, this is a great number. While the average deal size isn’t the highest, Atlassian gets by with having awesome products to sell. Also, these compensation and salary numbers aren’t really that high in the grand scheme of things, but Atlassian seems like a great company to work for regardless of how much you are making exactly. Lastly, Atlassian has a RepVue score of 95.93, which means they’re extremely highly-rated by the people who work there. 

We hope these figures help shed some light on the sales tech giant’s ecosystem, and if you’d like more in-depth compensation and company ratings data, check out our full list of companies here

To explore more in-depth Account Executive Salary data, go here. We hope you enjoyed this article. 

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