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Lenovo Sales Organization Profile Analysis

Ryan Walsh, CEO
Ryan Walsh, CEOFeb 4, 2020

Lenovo employs over 3,500 professionals in the Raleigh-Durham region, so you’d think it would be super easy to get intel on what’s it’s really like to work there as a sales employee.

Unfortunately like pretty much all sales orgs, in the past you would have to actually work there to truly understand the strengths and weaknesses and to determine if it’s a good fit for your career. Not anymore. We’ll take a deep dive on the Lenovo sales organization, RTP campus.

First, the overall RepVue score is 4.58, on a scale of roughly -30 to 30. Of the 40 top b2b sales orgs in the Raleigh Durham metro region, Lenovo currently ranks 14, which is very solid.

They could rank much higher if not for one core issue, but we’ll get to that. On to the details.

First, Lenovo’s data is based on 15 unique user ratings with a total of over 200 data points about the organization, from both former and current employees, all sales team members (SDRs, AEs, AMs).

Two very high performing aspects of the Lenovo sales organization are that more of the team is hitting quota than the benchmark, at over 62%. This would put them at 7th out of 40 orgs locally for % of team hitting quota!

As you scroll down the page you can see a lot of green in their charts, with one exception – incentive compensation. It would seem that what’s holding Lenovo back from cracking the top 10 is that the team members are not aligned with and motivated the structure of the incentive compensation plan, as it’s rated nearly 13% worse than the benchmark.

Moving down the page, we can see that the culture/leadership and professional development/training are both well above average, and given the user preferences of culture being super important for software sales professionals, this is meaningfully beneficial to Lenovo’s score.

Congrats to Lenovo overall for providing a solid experience for your sales team members. CLICK HERE to visit the Lenovo sales organization detail page here at RepVue.

PLEASE NOTE: we’ll be rolling out compensation analytics for Lenovo and all of our other sales organizations in the coming weeks, giving our users the ability to compare base, OTE, and compensation upside, by role, for all published sales organization pages.

We’ll be posting this on the RepVue page on LinkedIn – hit us up there with questions about Lenovo sales orgs or processes!

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