LogMeIn Sales Organization Profile Analysis

Ryan Walsh, CEO and Founder
Ryan Walsh, CEO and FounderNov 15, 2019

There are a number of company review platforms out there. The feedback we hear from sales professionals every day about these platforms most often are:

  1. “It’s not at all specific for sales and can be hard to pull out what’s relevant for sales.”
  2. “It’s mostly disgruntled employees with grudge.”
  3. “I’m just not able to easily and quickly pull relevant information from the organization profile page.”

RepVue is attacking all three of these challenges head on, and we want to make sure that our users are fully educated on how to best leverage the RepVue platform.

To that end we’re allowing users and non-users alike to access the sales organization profile page for LogMeIn through next Tuesday and we’re also going to guide users on how to evaluate LogMeIn’s sales organization in this blog post.

Click here to view the LogMeIn sales organization profile.

Let’s dive in.

First, the basics – LogMeIn is a large public company with an HQ in Boston. They have meaningful sales presence in the Raleigh-Durham region as well. The ratings come from an equal mix of both current and former employees as well as a mix of sales, hybrid, and AM roles.

Next, the good stuff. LogMeIn’s overall organizational performance, per employees that have worked on the sales team there, is 1.52% better than average, so kind of down the middle. But diving into those metrics tells a more nuanced story.

Here are the key points. First, on the positive side, as a large / public company, they not only pay a good base salary but they have a well developed and liked incentive compensation plan.

Second, the not so good: If you know what LogMeIn does, you know it’s in a somewhat competitive, crowded space (GoTo Meeting is one of their most well known products). This means that it’s more difficult to differentiate from a product standpoint, and it’s more difficult for marketing to drive inbound leads.

So while LogMeIn gets good mark for compensation (both base and variable) they get dinged on product and lead flow. This leads us to what questions and topics should you, the RepVue user, should hone in on during an interview there. Here are a few to start with:

“What percentage of a sales team member’s pipeline is driven by marketing or SDRs vs. outbound efforts?”

“What are some key product enhancements in store for the suite of products (especially if the role is specific to one line) – either new products to sell or enhancements to existing products?”

“Overall quota attainment (40% of the team hitting) is below average – what initiatives are being put in place by leadership to drive that higher?”

Hope this helps. Good luck out there!

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