What are some typical BDR interview questions?

repvueJun 30, 2022

What are some typical BDR interview questions? Find out below.

BDR Interviews

The example questions in this article will help you get an idea of what you might expect in a BDR interview or SDR interview. We hope this helps you in your interview preparation for getting a tech sales role.

What do you think our ideal customer profile is? Or ICP?

This will give the employer great insight into if you have done any research prior to the interview. The best candidates usually have a general curiosity in the business and will get an idea of who the company sells into. A good way to do this is look at their website and see if they have their customers listed on there. Don’t know what an ICP is? Check this out. 

What was the average deal size at your last company?

A lot of companies might be interested in this metric. It will give them a good idea of how big of the deals you are comfortable with and if you are a good fit. 

Can you tell us about one of your biggest wins?

How you respond is important. It’s a red flag if:

– You can’t think of any wins in your career

– Your responses are templated, your stories are vague

– Your responses lack energy

This question comes directly from a podcast with an Elastic executive. If you are interested in learning more you can go here. 

Why do you want to sell our product our service?

This is obviously your chance to kind of do a little bit of selling. Show them why you think their product is great and maybe bring up a few use cases you can see it being useful for or maybe a market segment they weren’t thinking of before. 

How do you feel about cold calling?

They want to see your resilience here, and know that you aren’t afraid of hearing a no. You could also mention something about how you plan to move up to AE when you are ready and hopefully won’t be doing cold calling too long anyway. This will show them that you are ambitious. 

How do you handle ambitious goals that are assigned to you?

Here you could say something about how you are used to ambitious goals and how you break it down into smaller goals in your head so it isn’t as daunting. 


We hope this help you prepare. Best of luck in your BDR interviews! If you are interested in exploring the best jobs for BDR’s, you can go to the link below and sort by BDR / SDR:

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If you are interested in looking at BDR salaries, you can go here to view compensation data for thousands of sales orgs to see how you stack up.

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