What are the different types of sales jobs?

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RepVue Editorial TeamAug 4, 2022


If you love selling and want a career in sales, you’re in luck. There are so many different types of sales jobs! However, some are more lucrative than others; some require more education than others; and some require more experience before becoming a manager. In this post we’ll discuss the best sales jobs out there so that you can find one that fits your needs and interests perfectly.

Types of Sales Jobs

Sales Development Representative

Sales development representatives (SDRs) are the first line of contact for sales teams and can be either inside or outside. They are often called BDRs or Business Development Reps as well. Their job is to generate leads, qualify them, and pass them along to marketing or sales development reps. To be successful in this role, it’s important that you have good communication skills, an analytical mind, and the ability to connect with people. SDR’s at the right companies can bring in 100k+. Explore SDR and BDR salaries here.

An SDR or BDR is responsible for:

  • Generating new business by contacting prospective customers via phone or email
  • Gaining insight into what they’re looking for so you can determine whether or not they’re a viable lead
  • Researching companies online and then reaching out personally with personalized messages

Sales Engineer

A sales engineer is a person who works in the technology sector to develop and sell new products and services. You can also think of them as a cross between an engineer and a salesperson.

A typical day consists of many meetings with clients, brainstorming ways to improve existing products or services, analyzing customer feedback and implementing changes accordingly. There are also opportunities for travel if you work for an international company or client base; this may include attending trade shows or conferences where you’ll get the chance to meet potential clients face-to-face and make new business connections.

Sales Recruiter

It gives you an opportunity to get some experience and gain knowledge in the sales industry before making any long-term decisions about your career. The role involves helping businesses find new sales professionals by researching their needs and recommending suitable candidates who can fulfill them. You can work for an agency or directly for a business – either way, there are plenty of opportunities out there.

  • The good news is that there are many other types of roles within recruitment agencies too! Some examples include: HR consultants, account managers/executives (who may manage accounts or deals), operations managers (who oversee how the business operates day-to-day), marketing professionals (to help recruiters market themselves effectively).

Assistant Sales Manager

An Assistant Sales Manager is a manager who reports to the company’s Sales Manager. The Assistant Sales Manager is responsible for managing a smaller subset of salespeople and coordinating their efforts. This may also include creating and implementing plans that increase revenue, attend meetings with customers or prospects, analyzing data related to sales performance, conducting research on competitors’ products/services and more.

Skills Needed: Good communication skills; ability to lead others; good time management skills

Business Development Manager

A business development manager, another sales job, is a person who works in sales, marketing and business development. A business development manager will help to ensure that the company can grow by creating new products or services, or acquiring other companies. In order to do this, they will be responsible for building relationships with clients and suppliers, as well as planning promotional campaigns to increase revenue.

A business development manager may earn between $70k and $120k per year. They have the potential to earn even more depending on their experience and qualifications (or lack thereof). There are many different types of businesses that need talented individuals like yourself so be sure to look at sales jobs when you get the chance.

Account Executive

If you’re interested in working as an account executive, you should know that the role involves a lot of client-facing time. This means you’ll be spending most of your days talking to people on the phone and in person. If this sounds like you, check out some open account executive jobs here. It may be a difficult sales job but the high compensation can be worth it.

A typical career path for an account executive is:

  • Develop sales skills by learning how to pitch your product and services to potential customers
  • Get promoted from junior-level account executive after two years on the job
  • Become a Senior or Enterprise Account Executive
  • Move on to Sales Manager or VP of sales after you gain enough experience

Also in the role you will develop relationships with other professionals like marketing managers and customer service specialists in order to make sure everyone is on the same page about what their responsibilities are. It helps if you have good verbal communication skills while being an account executive, because you’ll need those when it comes time for negotiations or explaining your company’s value proposition.

How much do they get paid? Explore AE salary data here.

Sales Director

The sales director is responsible for the overall success of the department and company. They need to be able to direct their team members toward achieving their goals while also contributing to those same goals themselves.

The sales director must be able to work with other departments in order to make sure that everyone is working together effectively and efficiently. This can include communicating with marketing teams or IT departments about integrating new technologies into your campaigns or processes, making sure that there are enough resources available (like money or staff time), and making sure everyone understands what needs have been fulfilled so far in order for them not only get their jobs done but also support other departments’ initiatives as well

VP of Sales

The VP of sales is the highest-level position inside a sales department, and as such they manage a team of sales representatives. They are responsible for the overall success of their sales team, and their duties include:

  • Ensuring that their company has the necessary infrastructure to support its growth strategy.
  • Maintaining strong relationships with key stakeholders within the organization (such as CEOs).
  • Providing strategic direction for all aspects of their department’s operation, including hiring decisions and compensation packages for employees.


CRO is the Chief Revenue Officer. It’s the highest level of sales, and it’s also the highest level of sales management. The CRO is responsible for achieving revenue goals by maximizing the company’s sales force and resources through strategic growth initiatives.

It’s a fast-paced job that requires getting to know your market intimately, including its competitors, industry trends and customer preferences. A good CRO can help you sell more stuff faster than anyone else at your company—but only if they understand what makes people buy things in their industry (and not just yours).

There are a lot of different types of sales jobs.

Sales jobs are varied and can be found in many different industries. Salespeople work in retail, food service and manufacturing industries as well as other industries where they are called upon to sell their product or service.

Sales professionals may also be employed by a company’s marketing department or sales support team. In these roles, you’ll help customers find solutions that match their needs by providing recommendations based on your expertise related to the product or service being sold.


We hope this post has been helpful for you and you feel confident in your decision to pursue a sales career. Remember that finding the right job is all about being honest with yourself and finding one that fits your personality, skillset, and goals. Sales jobs can be very rewarding but they also require hard work and dedication from their employees so make sure its something you’re willing too before applying!

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