An Update on RepVue’s Business Model

Ryan Walsh, CEO & Founder
Ryan Walsh, CEO & FounderOct 17, 2023

Since I founded the company in 2018, RepVue’s mission has always been to bring transparency to what it’s truly like to work in any sales org in the world. In order to accomplish that mission, we always want RepVue to be free for our users.

At the same time, RepVue is a business and has to make money. In order to grow the company and allow us to maximize the reach of our platform, we’ve launched commercial offerings to two primary market segments:

  1. Employers who list jobs on the site, grow their talent brand, and leverage our data for competitive and compensation benchmarking. 
  2. Financial institutions (hedge funds, private equity, others) who leverage RepVue to understand if sales orgs are well run and to help them research potential investment opportunities. This is similar to offerings that have been released by companies like Glassdoor, G2, and others.

Our employer offering has been around for a couple of years, while our offering for financial institutions is new as of 2023. If you’ve recently stumbled across RepVue’s 𝕏/Twitter account, you may have noticed how much different that content is from what we post on LinkedIn. Our strategy there has been to drive awareness for this new financial research offering, while our LinkedIn strategy is employer/user-related, i.e., curated for you. Give us a follow over there!

RepVue on 𝕏/Twitter

Ryan on 𝕏/Twitter

Our employer-focused business is pretty straightforward. But the financial institutions line of business is not one that many people know much about,  so we put together this explainer to answer any questions that people may have.

What does RepVue sell to financial institutions?

Our offering to financial institutions consists of data related to the overall performance and health of sales orgs (not user or personal data). To give context, financial institutions spend money on research providers (commonly known as alternative data providers) to enhance and enrich their research processes as they evaluate potential investment decisions. They see RepVue as a tool to help them understand if sales orgs are well run.

Does RepVue sell user or personal data

No, never. Never have, never will. Only ratings data related to sales organization performance — none of which is tied to any personally identifiable information (PII).

How did you come up with this model?

Selling to financial institutions (sometimes referred to as FIs) is common for companies with large datasets. Glassdoor, G2, and many other businesses have a similar model (selling sentiment or “intent” data about companies and/or products from users). While we didn’t create the model, we’re hopeful it will be  one of several long-term commercialization strategies.

Does RepVue disclose this anywhere?

Yes. RepVue’s user terms and privacy policy address this, as you’d expect. We also address it clearly in our FAQs. Please refer to the How Does RepVue Make Money section of our FAQ where we outline both customer segments and reinforce the anonymity of RepVue.

When will you market this more broadly? 

We’ll gradually start adding public content regarding this side of our business in Q4-2023 and Q1-2024, and we are planning to launch a page on our site in the next couple of months.

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