Sprout Social Sees Sales Recruiting Success with RepVue

RepVue Editorial Team
RepVue Editorial TeamOct 12, 2023

Social media management platform uses strong scores and job listings on RepVue to recruit sales talent

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Sprout Social is a social media management and marketing platform used by brands to make the most of their social media presence. The platform was built on the premise that social media would change the way the world communicates and how virtually every aspect of business operates. For their customers, Sprout Social enables them to optimize these vital touchpoints with the diverse members of their brand community.

Building and growing an industry-leading sales team is critical to succeeding in this mission.

“We put a lot of effort into building a world class sales org. RepVue helps us tell our story to a very targeted audience of salespeople looking for their next amazing opportunity. We’ve hired twelve critical sales roles directly from RepVue,” said Sprout Social President, Ryan Baretto.

Valuable Third-Party Validation for Sprout Social

Sprout Social seeks to not only hire the best salespeople, but to support them by continuously improving the product they sell, as well as the training and development of their employees. And they’re succeeding — with the RepVue scores to prove it.
Sprout Social’s 90+ RepVue score puts them in the top 5% of over 3,600 sales orgs published on the site. They’ve won Reppy awards for Top Overall, Top Public and Top 5 Sales Orgs in their hometown of Chicago.

This third-party validation is critical to expanding the reach of Sprout Social’s employer branding message in sales. Even with all of the accolades, there are still lots of people in sales who don’t know much about Sprout Social.

“At Sprout, we’re all about building connections. And when it comes to hiring for the best sales team in the world, we know that clear and transparent information about quota achievement, professional development and culture is critical to building connections with amazing sales talent. When we’re talking to candidates during the interview process, they often tell us that RepVue is where they became interested in Sprout,” said Diane Circo, VP of Recruitment. “They put their trust in third-party, validated sources — and for sales orgs, RepVue is the best source.”

How RepVue Scores Help Sell the Sales Org to Prospective Reps

When candidates look at the Sprout Social profile on RepVue, what many notice is the strong Product Market Fit score. For sales reps, this is a great way to get comfortable with the prospect of taking on a quota for a product that is new to them. A strong Product Market Fit score means that current reps feel that the product solves a real problem in the market.

Their RepVue scores in the Culture and Leadership, Diversity and Inclusion and Professional Development and Training categories are also among the best. This helps Sprout Social appeal to a range of candidates with differing priorities for what they look for in a role. Last but not least, reps can use RepVue to see that Sprout Social’s quota attainment is excellent at 64%, which far exceeds the industry average of 47% and the global average of 49%.

Sprout Social’s RepVue Scores (as of September 2023)

By promoting their job listings directly on RepVue, Sprout Social is able to maximize their visibility on the site. Sales Org profiles with job listings get as much as 10 times as many views as orgs without job listings. Not only do job listings allow candidates to apply directly through RepVue, but they also ensure that Sprout Social has increased visibility in all of the different ways sales reps use RepVue.

“I think one of the most compelling and exciting stats is that we are seeing a faster time to hire with RepVue candidates, roughly 2x the speed of the average time to hire a sales person,” said Dan Summers, Sprout Social VP of Revenue Operations and Strategy. “In our own internal data, [RepVue] candidates are converting 50% higher than other folks that we are sourcing from.”

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